The Upper Owens continues to be a popular fishing destination with a panoramic view that is as beautiful as any… Flows are still low and water temps are good… The fish are not as concentrated as years past so spend less time in a hole if you are not getting trout attention. Small fish are up on the surface eating small dries here and there all day long… Most of these fish seem to be small browns. In the larger holes fishing can be excellent if you can find pods of fish are residing there. Hoppers can be flopped down for a bit of attention, but move around a lot if you are fishing hoppers as the fish usually pound them on the first presentation if they are willing. Streamers are always getting attention on the Upper O… Cast these to the opposite bank and tug back quickly… The fish will also usually hit these on the first presentation if they are feeling carnivorous… Fish the larger pockets with quicker strips leading into slower strips for a deeper presentation. Nymphing your basics will get you into fish here… Hares Ears, Pheasant tails, Red Copper Bobs, and Prince nymphs will get bitten if presented properly… the best method for the Upper O right now is to move from hole to hole covering lots of water while spending more time in the deeper holes where larger populations of fish reside..