Best Fishing In Bishop Ca

Crowley lake has continued to fish very well. Large fish are being extracted by midges and streamers. Although oMcGee Bay is not the place to go any more there are plenty of fish to be caught on the North and East ends of the lake.  Nymphing larger Chironomid patterns under an indicator in sizes #12-16 and colors ranging from red-black-copper and grey with a clear or white bead head has been getting clients into some of the best fish they have caught. Stripping small Perch fry imitations trailed by a Midge has also been successful recently. Use a Ultimate Perch, Matuka, or other perch imitation on a full sink or fast sinking head to get down to Crowley trout and hold on! As with most western fisheries we will be seeing larger trout on the move as we roll into the Autumn months.