The Upper Owens is moving at a healthy flow of around 100-110 cfs. Fish are being caught as in the summer in the past.  Down below the bridge anglers find more stockers compared to above the Bridge.  These fish are usually always good for consistent action.  Some caddis come off throughout the system bringing up some of the smaller fish of the system to take advantage of the reproducing insects.  Large attractor and Hopper patterns in #10-12 will get the Trouts attention on the Upper Owens right now as well during warm Summer months. Most of the fish are taken on attractor nymphs and Midge patterns.  Princes,  Copper Jons in various colours,  and Pheasant Tails and Bright Green Caddis worms are a few examples of what we have been using to take fish.  Use a #16-18 for most of the the suggested patterns. Streamers fished all across and up the banks, use smaller streamer patterns that used during the winter big fish time for success.