The Upper O continues to be the river to explore, just the fact that it is a tributary to Crowley Lake keeps the excitement level high..And we all know which favorite trout species heads up a trubutary in the fall.

Arriving at the river this moring I noticed and surge in the water that went down by the time we left some five hours later. Caddis dotted the water with random strikes here and there in all areas. The elk hair caddis, and goddard caddis patterns are doing well during the thicker parts of the hatch. Hoppers fished properly as well as popular attractor patterns will still get eaten. Sparkle pupa in a #14-16, and small mayfly imitations in smaller sizes below an attractor nymph are the underwater patterns of choice. For streamers try all presentation techniques with rabbit leaches in colours of browns and olives. Matukas, slump busters and olive zonkers are just a few of the patterns to connect into trout on. The lower morning temps are really noticable in the Long Meadow Valley slowly turing this fishery into a fall playground. Not too much has changed on the Upper O since the last report as the fishing continues strong…On the water for the next few days… stay tuned..