Hey youngster catches a fish fly fishing on the upper Owens River near Mammoth Lakes

A youngster catches his fill fly fishing on the upper Owens near Mammoth Lakes

The Upper Owens has been a very consistent fishery throughout this summer. A local population of Rainbow and Brown Trout remain and are will to take Dries, Nymphs and Streamers alike. The entire river system holds fish when looking in the right spots. Hoppers have been fun to fish here, accurately casting to the opposite bank will produce some violent strikes. Other attractor dries in #10-16 will also take fish. Nymphs of all varieties of PT’s , Hares Ears, Princes, Coppers and the like are all successful patterns. No going too big on streamers this time of year here, but a well fished Bugger will pull fish out of the dark shadows of the river as well.