on the lower owens river near bishop california a lady in waders holds a wild brown trout above the river

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop, Ca – 6.14.21

The Lower Owens River, flowing just outside Bishop, CA. could of possibly already seen its highest flows of the year at only 375cfs! Flows are now at a beautiful 300cfs of clear sierra water in its finest condition. Wading at these levels requires knowledge of the river and a little trust in your step. Overall wading is easy and very refreshing on these hot summer days. Trout are feeding randomly on the surface throughout the Owens River system throughout the day, but can be a stronger emergence in the cooler moments. A stomach pump yesterday once again proved small varieties of mayflies, caddis and midges are still on the menu for the wild trout of the river, Bigtime! Oh, and lets not forget some small stonefly adults and nymphs as well! The water is in the mid 50’s with flows very clear up high and a small stain in the water a few miles down below. Overall the river is in amazing condition! Give us a call or text @661 364 6981 for more details on this amazing fishery or to book a guided fly fishing trip!

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Upper Owens River Fly Fishing

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing – Mammoth Lakes, CA : 5.24.21

The Upper Owens River, right below Mammoth Lakes, California is flowing at a low flow of around 55cfs of cool sierra water. The fishing is spread out and generally very good throughout the river system, no one place is necessarily better than the other. The big fish we all get giggly over are now completely spread throughout the system, and a bit harder to catch, some up higher, some hiding for most of the day. These large slabs of meat get harder to catch as the water lowers and flows become skinnier, though not impossible. Large attractor patterns under the water have been taking these guys with success. The resident fish are spread throughout the system and can be taken on larger and smaller bug imitations. We have not seen the LHCs run into the river quite yet, and they might not this year in the number we have seen in the past. HOPPERS! This is what we are anxiously awaiting as the river comes alive and the fish put on good amounts of body mass for the season on the Hoppers alone.

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Three people Enjoying the Creek fishing of bishop california

Local Creeks – Bishop Creek, Mammoth Creek, Rock Creek, ect. Bishop and Mammoth Lakes : 5.24.21

The Local area creeks are in great shape right now! Runoff has not brought water levels to unfishable status and remains very fish worthy. We are not exactly sure what runoff is going to do to us this year. It will depend on temperatures that melt the snow, and how much rain and storms arrive here in the next month. The fish are ready to eat at this time! Small dries, Nymphs and Streamers will take fish very successfully. Small single nymph rigs have been absolutely successful with some very aggressive attacks. Small streamers such as Wooly Buggers, Muddler Minnows, and the like will all take fish. C

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brown trout on the lower owens river near bishop california on a fly

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop, CA – 5.24.21

The Lower Owens River, just north of Bishop, CA, has been steady flowing at around 270cfs of very fishy and nutrient rich sierra water. Conditions are perfect as fish are able to move about freely. That is not the only benefit, this volume of water delivers more biomass (trout food) to the Brown and Rainbow Trout of the Lower Owens river, allowing them to grow fatter and heavier! Stoneflies are being eaten, a fly angler can witness random attacks on the surface here and there of the adults, but mostly there is plenty of underwater consuming of the nymph variety. These have been around a size 12-14. Large caddis worms, midges and plenty of mayfly patterns have been producing some great fish as well. The river is faster than it was in winter at only 80cfs, but, at these flows the entire system is much more healthy. Wading is easy when reading the river correctly, lots of gravel bars, wadable banks, and shore fishing are all options right now. We will see how the warmer weather, storms, and runoff treat us this summer season!

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Large Rainbow held by tail on the Upper Owens river near Mammoth Lakes California

Upper Owens Fly Fishing Report : Mammoth Lakes, CA – 4.19.21

The Upper Owens River flowing just below Mammoth Lakes is flowing at around 50-60cfs of very low and cool sierra water. Crowds have been anywhere from annoying to nobody depending on the day and time you choose, sometimes we are surprised either way. Water is a bit off colour below Hot Creek confluence and stained a bit above at this time. Random attacks of violence on bugs can been seen by fish of all sizes, this is very hard to predict for casting and presenting while these fish seem not to hit the same area consistently. Big fish are still in the system and are usually staying down deep and out of sight. The Upper Owens is in a transition phase as temperatures are warming up for springtime allowing the fish to return to Crowley Lake to spend another summer eating protein and adding mass to their bodies. A population of large fish are still residing in the deepest and darkest holes of the river. We look forward to the late spring and summer Hopper fishing that we have enjoyed these last few years and hope to see enough moisture via rainfall to sustain this all summer. Fish attractor patterns with some more realistic impressions down below. Streamers you ask? Yes, always!

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large trout head in a rubber net with a wooden frame

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Mammoth Lakes, CA – 4.7.2021

Flowing just outside of Mammoth Lakes, CA, The Upper Owens river remains one of the most beautiful fly fishing destinations in the country. Water is low and a bit more clear above the Hot Creek confluence, with the water having a small off colour haze below the creeks main entry point. Temperatures in the valley have ramped up here this last week, which leads us to think of the soon to come runoff which will bring the river up to a faster flowing status. This can be good or bad for the fishing. Yet, always good for the fish. Right now the large fish are still throughout the entire system and have now had some time in these deeper holes, runs, and riffles. These large and wise Crowley Trout have now seen relentless flies passed in front of them. Now, you need not only to find and fool the trout, you must do it better than all fisherman before you that tried their skills on these legendary fish. Attractor nymphs, Jig-Nymphs, Non- traditional SJ worms, and small midges and mayflies will give you a good shot at these fish. Some random bug attacks on the surface do take place. But do not get to excited about it! There is no rhyme or reason to why or when they decide to come up, but it sure is exciting! A well versed streamer fisherman can also have a great day on this water. A long leader with a heavy fly or a sink tip will fish best in this smaller river. We look for a different run of fish to enter this spring as some leave back to Crowley Lake.

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Beautiful tail and fins of a brown trout over the lower owens river

Lower Owens River Fishing Reports : Bishop, CA – 4.5.2021

The Lower Owens River just outside of Bishop, CA has been more or less fishing great since my last report, not much changed. Flows have remained at the very low 80 cfs level… until now! We have a movement of up to 100 cfs of perfect sierra water to allow a larger volume of food to flow down to our scaly and wild friends. Wading remains very comfortable and pleasant. In the past few days our little buddies the Yellow Sallie Stoneflies have been spotted climbing around the banks and flying over the river. This movement allows us to step up the size of our offerings as well as looking for even more splashy surface eating habits as these larger insects enter the water. We are still witnessing Caddis and Mayfly action throughout the day in the usual parts of the river in the early afternoon and beyond. Euro style, Tenkara, and good old indicator style fishing is super effective as usual. Reading the water is key as success is determined by time appropriation and where you choose to present your nymphs.

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a fly fisherman stands in the Upper Owens River near Mammoth Lakes CA, some snow is around and melting

Upper Owens Fly Fishing Report : Mammoth Lakes, CA – 2.23.21

The Upper Owens River blanket of snow that fell a few weeks ago has slowly been melting away. This has made for a hard packed ground in the morning hours that turns into a slippery clay mess just after noon. Be careful driving in and out of here! The fishing has not changed much since my last writing. Big fish are still found throughout the system and in the right time and place dreams come true. Don’t expect to walk away with numbers of individual fish but instead wondering how many pounds did that fish weigh! Fish the deepest and darkest pools, runs, and riffles. Try to find fresh water that has not been combed over that previous day. Remember, every hit missed here could of been one, if not the biggest Rainbow Trout of your life.

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Upper Owens River Fly Fishing Report : 1.23.21

The Upper Owens River below Mammoth Lakes is at its prime time of the year! Water continues to flow clear and cold as the very large fish continue to inhabit the amazing holes, runs, and deep riffles of the Upper Owens this January. Small dustings of snow have been seen upon early arrival in the morning on the river which melts away as the sun rises leaving a completely changed landscape from just moments before. The fish have continued to infiltrate the river system with seemingly new members showing up on each visit. Fish the patterns that I have mentioned in my last post. Do not be afraid to try your own new patterns though, it just may be what these unbelievable fish want in that moment. Upon hooking up be ready for the possibility of a screaming run, just when you think they are done they give that last unexpected run leaving you without a fly and speechless all at the same time.

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop, CA – 1.19.21

Last weeks weather casted some lovely weather on the Lower Owens River in the shadow of Mt. Tom, right outside of Bishop, CA. This week we see more typical seasonal style weather with the fish continuing to fill their pretty little stomachs with the local menu ; Midges, Caddis, and Mayflies. The flows are still low and river access is at an all time high. The Brown Trout are as healthy and beautiful as you can find along the 41th parallel. Dry fly action is noted when the sun is highest in the Eastern Sierra sky, although not river-wide, look to the larger and deeper pools to spot some noses piercing the surface as they consume small mayflies and midge adults.

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