Bishop Fly Fishing

Creek entrance of the Lake

Fishing the Mouth of the Creeks in the Lake

Bishop Creek continues to produce a strong, yet clear and healthy fishing flow of clear sierra water. Lots of anglers are float tubing the intakes with good results. Going away from stocking points usually results in being able to fish to more wild browns in this system. Large stonefly type flies such as; rubber leg golden stone patterns #10-14, Prince nymphs #12-16, Pheasant Tails #12-16 and various other larger nymphs patterns are taking trout. On the surface large and small attractor patterns of all types are getting eaten by the resident trout of the stream. #12-16 hopper patters of all sorts (leggy) Fuzzy Wuzzy #12-14, Royal, orange or any well tied Stimulator #12-16 and other large attractor patterns of your choice fished correctly will get attention. Buggers are always a welcome food when tugged through a trouts domain in Bishop Creek. Some caddis are seen in the evening with fish reponding in the large pools and intakes.. Elk Hair Caddis #14-16 does the trick here.