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Lower Owens Caddis Hatch Brown Trout

Lower Owens Caddis Hatch

Since my last report the Lower Owens has gone down to 300cfs and back up to a higher flow of 400cfs. At 300cfs we managed to sneak in a few driftboat and guide trips with great results. At 400cfs it is a bit tough, but the concentration of the caddis and midges keeps the trout feeding and accessable to anglers willing to navigate the Lower Owens at these healthy higher flows. Some patterns that have been taking fish are: Ascending caddis pupa #14-16, Sparkle Pupa #14-16, T-Midge emergers #18-20, Tigers and Zebras (in dark greens and blacks) #16-20. Come evening time the caddis hatch is well on the way and a good fly anger in the right place can catch as many wild browns as time will allow. Elk Hair Caddis (olives and browns) #14-18, Adult Caddis (stallcup) #16, Para Caddis #14-16. During the day there is some action on midges in hoppers in certain areas. Nymphing the caddis and midges will get most fly fisherman into some nice fish. Vegetation is in full growth on the Lower O with many trails being eaten by the new foliage. Bugs of all sorts are out but not too awful bad most of the time. Brings some insect deterent of some sort to be on the safe side. The Caddis hatch late evening is highly recommended.
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Lower Owens Brown Trout