Fishing is Excellent with many anglers reports some of their best days (dry fly) on the Lower O!! Fishing continues to be good for most anglers and excellent for more experienced anglers on the Lower Owens.. Blue Winged Olives continue to come off throughout the day in various places in sizes #16-20.. Midges continue to be on the menu as well and are what the trout are eating on the surface when you can not see the the sailboat silhouettes on the water. Some samples to include in your collection are #18-20 Pheasant Tails and Copper Johns #16-20 Tigers and Zebra Midges in varous colours, Palomino midges # 18-20 and other similar patterns are being eaten under the water. One good tip to remember is when you can see adult dry flies on the surface that are not being eaten such as Midges or BWO’s, is to try an emerging pattern such as a RS2 for mayflies or a t-midge for emerging midges. The fish are usually capitalizing on these emerging insects in the water column.