California Fish Guide

Made it out for another couple of hours on Friday the 12th to see if it was as good as the day before and we were not let down! The BWO hatch sustained itself until pretty much sunset, with parts of the river producing more emerging insects than others. The hatch has now stretched down the river past Hwy. 6 bridge and beyond. Small groups of risers can be seen as far down as E. Line Street Bridge and down. In the morning hours we noted more midge activity as the fish were feeding on the surface midges until the BWO’s come out mid-morning as the day gets going. As before the midge emerger (T-Midges and other emerging midge patterns) are getting hammered under the surface as well. RS2’s and Loop-Wing emergers in #16-20’s are also good patterns to go with during the baetis emergence. The usual Pheasant Tail and Midge Zebra patterns are also getting business done. Some very satisfying fishing! Walk it Wade it or Float it!
Tip: Move around to new water if what you are standing over is not producting and think outside the box!