Fishing Flies Shops

The river has been moved up to around 300 cfs as of today. Blue Winged Olives and Midges are still coming off setting off some topwater action in select spots around 12:00pm to more or less around 2:00pm, depending on weather and day. The grannom caddis cases are sealed and they will all pop soon for another round of dry fly action. Some of these small caddis are already starting to make an appearance. The nymph fishing is what takes a downside turn with this suprise spike in flows. However, fish can still be caught; get away from the fast riffles and find the slower moving sections with a slower moving foam line to tell you fish are holding under there for food and sanctuary from the faster water. Brighter patterns such as Robo PT’s #16-20’s, prince nymphs and bubble back emergers #16-18 can be easier for fish to find under water. San juan worms in sizes #6-10 also will bag fish with these higher levels moving new life around in the water. Streamers definitely shine at these higher flows. Yellow and white or dark and white combinations have been taking fish. Put on your sink tip (Airflo depthfinder 22′ sink tip 190gr)at these flows for streamer success.