fly fishing, Lower Owens river, Bishop California

Happy young angler Jake B. with his first Rainbow on Lower Owens River

The Lower Owens is flowing at a great rate of around 200 cfs and Caddis and Baetis are showing their presense daily. Around lunchtime Baetis and Caddis have been coming off with good-great response from the Trout on the surface. Sparke Trigger Nymphs #16-20, Bubble Back emergers #16-20, Stallcups caddis emerger #16-18, Sparkle Pupa #18, Partridge Caddis emerger #16 and other similar patterns will take fish… On the surface try the good old EHC in #16-20 depending on the fly, #16 Stallcup Adult Caddis, Para caddis #16, and Peacock caddis #16-18.. for the BWO’s use a #16-20 Thorax BWO, Etha Wing Baetis #16-20, Ext. Body BWO #16-20, and good oldParachute BWO and Adams #18. Flows should stabilize at this rate. Drift trips have been great!

Great Day on the Lower Owens with Keith and Jake B.