Lower Owens Fly Fishing, Bishop Fly Fishing, California Fly Fishing

Sam points out a wild Rainbow taken on a recent Drift Trip

The Lower Owens has been very good to us in the last couple of weeks and last few days. The gauge is still stuck at 255cfs and the river is around 230-250cfs  and flowing clean and clear. Caddis, Stoneflies and Mayflies are on the menu! We have been taking fish on #12-14 yellow sally and squala nymphs, #12-14 copper Johns will also get strikes when fished effectively. For the bottom nymphs fish free living caddis worm imitations #14-18, and mayfly emergers such as; Bubbleback emergers #16-18, Sparkle Trigger Nymphs #16-20 and Robo PT’s is the same sizes. With the clear water wading is easily managable. Drift trips have been great as the boat effortlessy delivers us to prime fishing locations (with my oaring skills of course) where we have been extracting some prime specimens.

Lower Owens Fly Fishing,

Wild Rainbow with a great pattern and Tail