Hot Creek gate is open and has been open on top of the hill above the ranch. As stated in my last report we are experiencing a dry fly hatch starting around 11:00 to around 1:00 depending on the day and weather. … Some people are experiencing great success on nymphs while others are in the right place at the right time to experience some great dry fly action. Baetis (BWO) patterns are doing the best when placed correctly on the water in feeding lanes. Thorax BWO’s #18-20, Extended Body BWO #18-22, and the CDC Winged Emerger #18-20 are all patterns that have been fooling trout recently. Midge Tube & Poly Wing Emergers are sill steady when fished with a very small amount of weight. Nymphing small Baetis Emergers such as; Loop wing BWO emergers #18-20, Thorax BWO emergers #18-20, Small PT’s #20 and various other Baetis emerger patterns in similar sizes will put fish in your net. Water is a little off color due to the quickly rising temperatures with higher flows. This has not affected the fishing, it is actually nice to fish Hot Creek with a little more water in it these days.