Lower Owens Fly Fishing, Bishop Ca Fly Fishing

Kern River Fly Fisher Sharon R. gets Double Digits on Lower Owens - Winter 2012


The long awaited dry fly action is finally here with fish responding heavily to millions of midges over the water! For the last two days we have been fishing the Lower Owens without putting on a nymph! Fish are vigoursly eating midges and will take Griffiths Gnats, Tricos, Thorax BWO’s and various other midge and very small mayfly patters. Fish most all these in sizes #20-22. When the hatch quits nymphing small BWO and Midge emergers will get you into fish consistently. CDC BWO Emerger #18-20, PT’s #18 -20 and most sorts of midge emergers #18-20 will consistently take fish under the water. Trouts metabolism operates on a lower frequency in the winter, you will find trout in the slower foam lined water. Look for this action to go on for the next month or two!

[vimeo clip_id=”36028323″ width=”580″]