Upper Owens Winter Fly Fishing, Mammoth Fly Fishing,

Eastern Sierra Winter Fly Fishing 2012

The Upper Owens has still been showing us Steelhead looking winter trout to most all who put their time in. Spread throughout the entire upper river system these fish are wild and willing to take. Once hooked they pull hard and dart for the dark bank even if it is 70′ away! Be prepared to run!The only momentary setback was the quick two feet of snow that was dumped and is now almost gone. Caution is advised when crossing possible snowy/muddy areas, even in 4-wheel drive. Sometimes walking a few more minutes in necessary. These fill finned trout can be caught on a variety of Attractor patternes including Nymphs and Midges. Variations of the Pheasant Tail (Trigger Nymphs, Emergers, Robos ect.) in sizes #16-18. Standard and Wire San Juans #16-18, and various streamer patterns dead drifted and stripped will take these world class fish. This is too close to home not to miss out on!!

Upper Owens Winter Fly Fishing, Mammoth Lakes Fly Fishing

Solitude and Snow with Big Fish - Winter 2012