Fly Fishing Bridgeport California East Walker River

Typical Wild East Walker Brown Trout - February 2012

In spite of its low flows the East Walker is fishing very well. Fish are fat and hungry for small midges and some baetis. Streamer fishing has not been exceptionally great, although, if you stick with it all day you will see some large fish responding to your tugged bug throughout the day. A mid morning Baetis hatch will bring up some of the mid-sized and small trout providing action throughout the day. #18-20 Thorax BWO’s, Extended Bodies and Etha with BWO’s will all take fish on the surface.  As stated before in the fishery the very large fish are going to be taken on nymphs or streamers. Miracle Nymphs #18-20, Grey Biot Midges #18-20, T-Midge Poly Wings in Pearl and Olive #18-20, and WD-40’s in various colours are also a good bug to have in the East Walker Box.