Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Bishop, California

Beautiful Lower Owens River Brown Trout

The Lower Owens continues to flow high with great water temperatures and fish being very active. It is not that it’s not fishing well, it is just harder to find the right spots to enter the river and show your fly to the Brown Trout that inhabit this fertile river. Some PMD’s and Yellow Sallies are showing all day long with fish responding to them here and there under the overhanging branches and in the foamy lines. The same flies hold as last report. You can carry a Rod rigged up with a small Yellow Sallie or a PMD (Pale Morning Dunn) and flick cast it up under the trees and shadows to get some top-water action. Big Green Crawling Caddis worms and Emerging Midge and Mayfly patters have been doing great. Fish these is #14-18 Rumors are that these flows could possibly drop very soon to very fishy levels. Stay Tuned!