Bridgeport Fly Fishing, East Walker River Fly Fishing

East Walker Top Predator

The East Walker has been flowing clear and cool with an  up and down flow rate  of around 115 t0 150 cfs… Water is clear for the East Walkers standards and fish have been eating very well earlier in the day. Typical lower water conditions in the warmer weather requires you to fish earlier and end earlier. Midges in the morning with a scant PMD hatch letting you know it is there with fish responding in certain areas. Sometimes, as the last “fish of the Month” shows you can rarely find some areas where the BIG Browns will actually rise to a Dry Fly. Up and down the river from the Dam down to the Border trout are being found. Large Attractor dries are getting fish up against the banks and dropoffs. The same nymph patterns I suggested last time in my fishing report are holding strong. One thing different, the upper fly we use above the midge pattern can now be something meatier! Try a small crayfish, or perch imitation.. Nymph these above your small Midge/Midge Emerger for some interesting results.