The Lower Owens has been pumped up to a higher flow of around 400 cfs for the time being. While considered to be high flows there are plenty of places one can get into some great water to extract some great Lower Owens trout. Late in the evening Caddis and Mayflies come off with the trout responding in certain areas to give anglers some top-water dry fly action. Nymphing and pulling streamers throughout the day will produce when the fish are not feeding on the surface. Some patterns we have been using are;  Sparkle Trigger Numphs #16-20, CDC Bubble Back Emergers #16-20, Poly Wing Midge Emergers #18-20, Small SJ Worms #12-14, and Robo PT’s #16-20. Streamers of all sorts and colours will work when fished correctly.. light and dark colours.  On the surface try Elk Hair Caddis #16-20, Turkey Quill Caddis #16-18, BWO Thorax and Para BWO #16-20.  I look for the flows to stay reasonably low this year on the Lower Owens with the snowpack we have this year.