Hot Creek Fly Fishing

Tian D. with a Hot Creek Trout


Hot Creek continues to fish very well with slightly higher flows and healthy trout in clean and cool water. Crowds are hit and miss and when arriving early enough solitude is possible. Caddis, Midges and Baetis are all on the menu is this popular stream. An afternoon emergence of Baetis and Caddis come off with fish responding throughout the river, the trout seem to be keying on the Caddis on the surface.  Some popular suggestiong are; Throax Baetis #18-20, Loop Wing Baetis #18-20, Trigger Nymphs #20 and CDC Baetis #20.. For Dries use #18-20 Fertile CDC Caddis, Para Turkey Caddis #18-22, EHC #20-22.. Various small Attractor Patterns such as Small Hoppers and Beetles will also take fish with placed with precision and patience. Fish are being caught all day long here!!