Future Guide Jake Berry takes a large East Walker Brown on a Dry!!

The East Walker continues to be one of the Top places to extract large fish in the State of California. Flowing at a nice and easy flow of around  110 cfs the East Walker has been a pleasure to fish in the last couple of weeks. Some Dry Fly activity is noted mid-late mornig with some average sized fish responding on the surface. Going under with nymphs or streamers will possibly get you the trout of a life time in this fertile river system.  The rule for the East Walker like most of our Eastern Sierra streams is the same – if the water looks good, and can possibly hold trout, it does-  We have been seeing that the crowds are hit and miss depending on the day and time you fish the East Walker.

East Walker River Fly Fishing Bridgeport California

Tim D. Hold a prime East Walker Cutt-bow


East Walker Fly Fishing Bridgeport California

East Walker Cutt-Bow