The East Walker is around 67 cfs as of the writing of this report and is fishing decent – good. The big fish are still around and being caught by a few. Water is a little more off colour than normal for this time of year as the summertime growth dies off of the river and reservoir and gets flushed downstream. Some days the river seems to have a lot of anglers and other days there is hardly anyone. Fish are being caught of a variety of streamers, Attractor nymphs, and midge larvae and emergers throughout the system. In just a short while the East Walker will clean up and become a dream fishery for the cold winter months. Pretty much the same patterns I mentioned in my last report are taking fish: Just a few patterns to try are Disco Midges #18-20, CDC Baetis and WD-40’s #18, Flash Bang Midges #18 and Biot Midges in similar sizes will do the trick. For Streamers we like (and the browns) bunny strip streamers patterns such as; Double Bunnies #2-6, Heavy Metal Sculpin #2-6, and other similar large streamers.