The Upper Owens has been turned up via the Grant Lake aquaduct to a higher flow of 165 cfs. This makes it tougher to fish but also shows us that the BIG Browns and Bows will and are making their way up the river to reside in the larger holes of the Upper Owens for the next few months.  We have seen limited numbers of them so far, but we are anticipating a great run of Steelhead sized fish in this system to arrive in the next couple of days and weeks.  Like the EW we are using large Streamers, weighted and unweighted on a sinking line to drag our offering through undercut banks, dark holes and evident dropoffs to get a territorial and aggressive response from these top predators of the Upper Owens. Bunny leaches, Double Bunnies, Heavy Metal Sculpins and Zonkers and Slumpbusters in sizes #2-6 are just a few patterns we throw at these world class trout. Large SJ worms, Green Caddis worms, and Robo PT’s in various sizes are just a few of the numphs that will bring you success on the Upper O at this moment.   Stay tuned for an unbelievable fishery to unfold in the next few days and weeks. The picture I am posting is from last season and is  just a sample of what the Upper Owens has to offer during the late fall/winter months.