The East Walker is down to the mandated flow of 22cfs of fishing flowing water. Some fish are spawning so watch for frest gravel which also always reveals a red (fish nest) of some sort.  The river is healthy and the bottom is full of healthy weeds (bug sanctuary). While a small population of the trout are spawning most are eating to their hearts content.  Light nymph and dry dropper setups are the best way to trick the inhabitants of the East Walker. #18-22 pearl T- Midge poly wing emergers, Poly Wing Emergers in lighter and darker shades in sizes #18-22, Miracle Nymphs #18, WD-40’s in browns and grey in sizes #18-20. Baetis Emerger patterns such as; halfback emergers and poxy back BWO emergers also take fish. Fish these in #s 18-20.  On the surface, starting in the later morning baetis are on the surface with fish eating them in certain holes. A cut wing BWO or Extended Body BWO in #’s 18-20 will trick these fish on top.

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Kai landed this 22" Fall Brown on Nov. 13 2010