Water is clear and continues to hover around 100cfs which is about right for the Upper O.  We are seeing  large fish and smaller fish with some being very large.  If your fish a dry fly expect the smaller fish of the population… Go down in the deeper holes and hook on to something that might leave you with your heart pounding as you realize what you should of done when he went for that undercut…… Nymph with #14-18 PT nymphs of different styles (robo, crystal, sparkle), Hares Ears Bead Head and Flash Back in sizes #14-18,  Tiger and Zebra Midges in a variety of colours in sizes #16-20, Poly Wing Midge emergers #’s 18-20, Trigger Nymphs #16-20. For surface activity expect to see baetis (BWO) and small caddis over the water. Streamers sunk deep will also get you large fish.. Try Slumpbusters, Double Bunnies and large Wooly Bugger style streamers to bring out the larger inhabitants of the river. 

upper owens fall fly fishing, mammoth fly fishing, eastern sierra fly fishing

Jon Landed this Upper Owens Slab on a nymph setup Nov. 2010