The East Walker flows have finally been bumped! Up to 114cfs the East Walker is at a perfect fishing level! Just arriving back from there last night I am excited for the big fish I can see this will produce this year (and did yesterday!)… Water is slighty off colour (it always is) and 42 degrees. Some dry fly action has been happening there on baetis and midges in certain areas. Nymphing and streamer fishing continue to take nice fish out of the EW. A light nymph rig with the correct bugs will get you into fish here with every strike being the possibility of a 20″+ fish. Try moving around and fishing different areas than just a mile under the dam. For fishy flies try; Various colours of Tiger and Zebra midges in #18-20, WD-40’s in greys and blacks #18, PT’s in a number #18-20 and we also got some fish in the slower deeper pools with a #16 prince nymph. Disco midges in pearl and grey in similar sizes also scores fish on the East Walker. For streamers pick your favorite one (rabbit) and get it to the fish. Not much of a sinking line is required here as the weight of a heavy streamer is more than enough for most of the river. A+ on this one!