Flows fluctuating with Mammoth Creek and still a great place for a fly fishing destination! As with the Upper Owens the snow has been melting quickly the last few days making soft and wet terrain in places. Driving to the locked gate is not recommended, walk from the Ranch entrance to be sure you are going to fish and not spend your time calling AAA. There is always somebody eating at Hot Creek so be prepared with the usuals I have suggested before: Nymphing is successful with just a hint of weight needed to fish Hot Creek correctly. Try #18-20 copper bobs, Robo Pheastant Tails, Tung PT’s, and various small myfly imitations (WD-40’s) with #18-22 Midge imitations dropped off of that… red biot and disco midges, zebras and tigers and t and z midges all in #18-22’s just to name a few bugs that will find you success when fished correctly on Hot Creek.