Fishing Owens River Bishop

The East Walker is now up to 112cfs of pure world class fishing action. I have spent most of my guiding and fishing days up on this great piece of water.. Fishing has seemed to not slow down at all. Most days we are getting into personal best browns and bows for most of my clients! Perch and Carp fry are still in the water and the fish continue to stack thier bellies full of these thus causing their growth rate to be abnormally fast! Lighter coloured streamers fished with good action can get eaten right in front of you just under the waters surface, this leaves your heart pumping with a little shot of adreneline into your system..

Midges come off in the morning and baetis in the afternoon.. Use Tiger midges in blacks and greys and RS 2’s and mercers trigger nymph from morning to afternoon.. Dont bypass any water you think is too skinny for larger fish as they have been surprising us with great appearances in this type of water.. Below the Meadows section is fishig just as good as anything.. The whole CA side of the river is wide open..