The East Walker went up and then back down in flow to a very fishable and steady 262cfs. A few bug species are seen throughout the day; PMD’s, Midges, Caddis and a few Tricos can be seen when one spends the entire day on the EWalk. Stellar dry fly action can be had in the late evening when almost all of the EW crowds leave. Some dry fly action can be seen in certain areas throughout the day. Midge emergers #18-20 seem to keep on picking up fish of all sizes! We have been using grays, browns and blacks with success. T-midges #18-20 and various sno-cone Midges and Zebra and Tiger Midges will also get eaten. WD-40’s and various small PT and Trico nymphs are also getting consumed by East Walker residents. Fish these all in #’s 18-22. Early starts with a break during the day- then returning in the evening can produce some great fishing here.