The East Walker is flowing at a modest 356 cubic feet a second. Water is in the low 60’s and fish are hungry and selective! Fishing early pays off as there is less traffic and fish are more willing. Fish will come up to large attractor patterns in the right spots depending on the mood of the fish. Streamers thrown in the correct holes with the right action will take aggressive browns, though, it has not been consistent on the big meat. Nymphing deep seems to be where it is at this point. Cool nights will quickly move the river to consistent streamer action which will be reflected in this report immediately! Poly wing Emergers #18-20, T-Midge Emergers #18-22, Grey Biot Midges #16-20, Miracle Nymphs #18, Ticket in Green #18, Ascending Caddis #16-20 and RS2 Trico Emergers #20 -22. Also WD-40’s in Olive and Greys in #’s 18-20 are also great flies to have in your East Walker arsenal. Stay tuned and this fishery cools down and the fishing heats up!