Upper Owens Fly Fishing Class

The Upper Owens is a great destination for any fly angler looking for a great day on the water. The news here is the successful hopper fishing one is able to find. With her meandering banks and brush less back casts the Upper Owens is a true pleasure to fish with these terrestrial insects. Hoppers in sizes #12-14 in yellows and tans can be fished with confidence in the riffles of the Upper O. Meanwhile, smaller fish are coming up to small caddis here and there on the entire river, these can be fished to and caught, but, like I said they are small… Nymphing can take fish all day and the same patterns still apply. Nymphs in all shades of greens have been getting attention recently. Now is the time of year to start seeing some large fish moving up out of Crowley lake and into the sleek curves of the Upper O. It is truly a great thing that the Upper Owens river flows into the fish trap of Crowley lake. Stay tuned for much more on this great river.