Lower Owens River Brown Trout Fly Fishing

Early Sept. LO Brown

The Lower Owens is flowing at 400cfs and  continues to be a producer of very fine and wild brown trout. Hatches continue in the evening time after the sun goes down and gets thick in the last 1/2 hour right before dark with fish responding well! The same patterns have been taking fish as in my last report with a few less PMD’s making an appearance over the water. A few tricos can be seen emerging with the caddis throughout the day with the caddis getting thicker during the evening and on cloudy days.  Attractor patterns are always good to have as the larger fly on your nymph setups on this river. The same flies are still taking fish as the last report with the green caddis patterns taking many trout. Sparkle Caddis pupa Olive #16-18, SerenStupity Char. #18,Partridge Caddis Emergers #16-18, Bubbleback emergers #16-18, Poly wings #18-20, Purple and standard Prince Nymphs #14-18,Copper Jons in Green and Brass #16-18 and the like will take fish when put in the front of a fishes face.. On the surface in the evenings try Light Cahills, Para PMD’s, and Ext. Body Mayfly patterns sizes #16-20 depending on the size of the bugs you see out that particular evening.