Hot Creek is back down to its usual low late summer flow. Weeds can be a problem to a misguided cast and a thorn in the side of some anglers. The good new is that fish are still there and eating. Hopper action is the most exciting way to take Hot Creek trout at the moment. Successfully planting your hopper in the open lanes and on the opposite bank will produce great trout visuals at the current flow rate of the river. Sometimes a dropper attached to the back of the hopper will get you more strikes but it will be harder to be accurate when fishing with a dropper dangling off the end. Under the water fish with T and Z midges #18-22, RS2’s #18-22 and Brooks Hot Creek Caddis fished wet or dry in #18-20 will take fish. Fertile Caddis and Henry’s Fork Caddis in sizes #18 -20 will take fish on the top, Hoppers and Beetles #12-16, Thorax Tricos and Baetis patterns in sizes #18-22 and good old elk hair caddis in sizes #18-22 will take fish when presented correctly. Keep a close watch on the river to be in tune with what the fish are doing while you are there.