East Walker Fly Fishing Wintertime Brown Trout

Jon W. lands a beautiful copper- yellow Brown Trout @ the East Walker

The East Walker flows low and slow and fishes well throughout the winter. At 26 cfs the water is its normal color which conceals the fish from the anglers and river predators allowing them to roam more freely. Small midges and various mayfly patterns have been taking fish in the winter. Tiger and Zebra Midges in non classic colors #18-20, Biot Midges Grey #18, Miracle Nymphs #18, Thorax Biot Baetis #18-20 and T-Midge emergers and Flashbang Midges in 18’s are just a few patterns to take fish.. Don’t forget to put a good attractor nymph up top or run a Baetis-Midge rig. Look for the golden yellow browns in your net here!