Lower Owens Fly Fishing Winter Nymphing

Alex H. Fools a great Lower Owens Bow with a #18 nymph

The Lower Owens is flowing at an incredible fishy flow of  199cfs-  increased dry fly activity is noted in some areas. Nymphing is getting most of the numbers also with Baetis and Midge larvae patterns. Find the spots where the fish are is the best advice I could give most anglers that I see having trouble fishing the Lower Owens. All the river has fish in it, especially in the wild trout section, take each bend apart piece by piece to fish it correctly. Good old Pheasant Tails #16-20, Sparkle Trigger and CDC emerger BWO nymphs #18-20 and Split Case patterns in the same sizes are some choices to present to brown trout. Midge patterns to be fished in the Lower Owens range from light to dark in color, recently we have been finding success with our lighter color midges in larvae and emerger form. When fish are on the top they will be eating a #16-20 Blue Winged Olive (BWO). Go for the more exact representations of the insect. Anatomically correct split tails and tapered bodies will fool more of the larger spookier trout concealed in the Lower Owens river. Look for a healthy BWO hatch to start here any day. Once these hatches start they usually come off at near the exact time each day. Stay tuned for some great fishing on the LO!