Fly Fishing Upper Owens Winter

Jason G. with a Steelhead looking Rainbow Trout - January 2012

The Upper Owens is still giving anglers a fly fishing experience very similar to steelheading on smaller meadow creeks. From the bridge up and being concentrated in certain areas, anglers searching hard and fishing correctly will usually hook up on one of these 20″-25″ fish. Very hard to land, one needs to be creative in your fighting style with these fish as they will run hard down to stuff themselves under the closest undercut. Attractor numphs are the ticket here. SJ Worms #12-14, Egg patterns, Purple Princes #14-18, Robo PT’s #16-18 and other various Pheasant Tail patterns with a little additional ribbing or sparkle all in #16-18. The Ticket Czech Nymph and the Frenchy Czech Nymph have all been getting big fish attention as well, fish these is sizes #14-16…Some days we have been seeing nobody else on the water in most areas.  Enjoy this winter fishery while it lasts!