Crowley lake has been a steady fish producer throughout the season. As usual for this time of year there is a lot of fish in most popular areas, pretty much all of Mcgee bay is roamed by Rainbows, Browns and Cutthroat Trout. From aroud 7′ to 20′ of water fish can be found. It is now Perch Fry time of year. We usually will always have a Perch imitation of some type while fishing Crowley this time of year.  They will still always hit the midge but there is a great chance to find a pod of Trout keyed in on Perch Fry.  Crooked Creek now has some smaller fish that are willing and  can be a day saver when the wind comes up or you just want to find something that makes your indicator move.  Fish various Perch Fry patterns with the standard Crowley Midges beneath them in anywhere from 7′ to 20′ of water… Its a lot easier to cast the shallower water setup, but the payoff for going deep can be awesome on Crowley!