Brown Trout on the Lower Owens River 2018

Summer Browns of the Lower Owens 2018

Within the last couple of days the Lower Owens River has dropped to a lower flow of around 33o cfs!! This opens up an amazing amount of fly fishing river to give access to some amazing sections that hold some hyper strong wild Brown Trout.  Water temps are upper 50’s due to the cooler nights and lower overall day temps we have been experiencing.  The river is full of bug life with midges and Caddis with an occasional Stone fly skittering over the water…running a gauntlet of Trout. The fish are definitely looking up to the well placed Stimulator, Terrestrial, and Caddis patterns.  The size of the bugs out will tell you what size to use. Stoneflies are big, Caddis are medium-sized, and Midges are small…..  It is wise to start light on the nymph and less deep than normal right now as fish are active and don’t need to see their meals hugging bottom to eat.  This is the time for this river as summer turns fall and all around temperatures drop.