Young woman holds up a beautiful brown trout from the East Walker River

Christina outfishes Ben again on the East Walker River July 2018 – STM Fly Fishing

The East Walker Fly Fishing is still showing us signs of its absolute amazing potential as a trophy trout stream! Flows are a perfect 220 cfs at the writing of this report. Some days are warmer, some days are cooler, and as usual, some days are better than others. The Upper section can be crowded during high tourist periods. Arriving on a weekday and starting early definitely pays off. Stoneflies are out and making a presence here as well so some bigger fly patterns are in the quiver as well as the usual small Midges, Baetis and some Caddis.  Streamers you ask? You dont need to ask. Streamers are always a great option here on the East Walker, big or small.  For patterns fish SJ worms, Stonefly nymphs and dries, Baetis nymphs and Emergers, and, of course, Midge larvae and Pupae in colours ranging from Black to Cream.