To fly Anglers hold up a wild brown trout while wading in the water

Over the last couple of months the Lower Owens River has been very good to us Fly Fisherman!  Flows went up to around 500 cfs and held for a moment, but like the price of Bitcoin, the numbers have tumbled back down to a very nice summer flow of 285 cfs around the time of writing this report. Fish are evenly dispersed and active throughout the entire river system. Stoneflies have been making their presence known, so this allows us fly anglers to fish larger patterns this time of year.  #12-18 patterns have been fished regularly with good success under and on top the water.  Tungsten Soft Hackle PT’s #12-16 , Hot Head PT’s #14-16 and the like … Midge larvae and midge larvae emergers #18-20 in creams and blacks work well throughout the day as well.  Stimulators of various sizes are working well on the waters surface when stoneflies are out and about. You can spot this by the violent strikes the trout give when the  take one off the surface. In the morning some small Mayfly eating goes on in some of the beautiful riffles, runs, and foam lines, that the Lower Owens is abundant with …this makes for a great start to the day! .. throughout the day we gravitate towards the larger stimulators on top , and then dropping under the waters surface with the nymphs as the sun rolls higher. 

Wild brown trout with large spots landed in fishing net

Beautiful wild brown trout from the Lower Owens.. summer 2018

Success! Trout of the Lower Owens River July 2018 – Bishop CA – July 2018

forgive us for the lack of fishing reports as we have been on the river relentlessly these last couple months with great results..