Huge head of cutthroat with slashes in the throat upper owens river

Huge head of cutthroat with slashes in the throat

Fish of the Owens River – May 2018

The Upper Owens River is flowing up at around 111 cfs making a nice pathway for the incoming fish from Crowley lake. We have Cutthroat, Rainbow and Brown Trout in the system.  And as most of you already know… some of them are extremely large! Of course I am sure you have heard people saying  “dont fish to the fish obviously on reds ” this is easy to tell as they are paired up with two or more and in very shallow water. These fish are making more fish for us. Fish the deep pools where the fish are hot and eating…This will allow you to catch a fish that is on fire and ready to fight as they don’t necessarily have trout sex on their mind, and have not been eating because of the pursuit of the female Trout!  There is a lot of river to explore with a lot of Trout to find. This is a world class fishery as many people have come through the shop claiming to have caught the biggest trout of their lives on the Upper Owens in the last couple of weeks! Flies are large and usually attractor patterns. Lots of SJ worms, Copper Jons, Tungsten Jigs and even some small midge larvae and caddis can be the choice bugs certain days. Streamers!