Technique, approach and presentation…. This amazing stream continues to pump out some great fish every time I come near it! Water is low and clear with weeds becoming thick making this one of the most technical creeks to fish that we have around. With the current DFG estimate of 11,000 to 12,00 fish per mile expect a fish from under every weed shadow, any weed slot, behind every rock, and stacked nose to tail in every seam.
Recommended flies for this time of year are some very small Tricos usually appearing early to mid morning is sizes #20-24, Caddis are coming off in the middle to late afternoon in sizes #18-20, use the standard Hot Creek Caddis, the E.C. caddis, or a low profile sparsly tied elk hair caddis. Fish have also been taking very small midges (as usual) best imitated by a very very small griffith knat. For the angler that likes to slap down hoppers here and there and then move on if no opportunistic trout are on the feed, try a tan or gray body hopper in sizes #10-12, if you want put a small WD-40 or zebra midge dropper off of it, although I prefer to just use the hopper if you are a hopper fisherman. I prefer the stallcups #12 tan hopper.
For nymphs lots of zebras and WD-40’s have been taking fish all day in sizes #18-22, black has been the colour of late, an olive scud in about a size #16 is also a Hot Creek standby. Caddis are moving in the water before the actual hatch comes off, so a sparkle pupa, caddis emergers and larva in sizes #18 dark cream to tan in colour can take fish.
Streamer fishing, ah streamer fishing. Controversial to some on this water, streamers fished properly can yield some of the largest fish with ferocious strikes, but it takes an excellent streamer fisherman to present properly with the amount of weeds the creek produces this time of year. Water is low and fishing is technical, watch your approach angle, don’t overcast and keep the fly out of the weeds. The fish are used to seeing people but they do not like any disturbance in the water. This creek has something to teach every fly angler.