The Upper Owens continues to be the place to catch a lot of fish on many different flies. Once again though practice stealth! Walking up on the outside elbow and watching the fish scatter will not yield you the finer fish of the bunch. Try approaching the inside curve casting to the opposite side deeper water. Hopper fishing has been good, especially in the afternoon when the strong wind is putting them on the water. Elk Hair and parachute caddis in sized #16-20 have been getting eaten in the back eddies and slower water for most of the day. Bring some small midges and standard parachute style mayflies in you arsenal as well.
Nymphs getting eaten have been #14-18 red lightning bugs, red copper johns in the same sizes, different caddis larva in shades of tan or green #16-18, green and tan soft hackles in similar sizes as well. Attractor nymphs(robo pheasant tails, prince nymphs) in sizes #14-16 up top with the smaller nymphs on bottom definitely do the trick. If you want try dropping a single nymph off of a big ugly foam hopper to cover both bases.
Stripping streamers always gets some sort of action. Try the standard black or olive matuka or wooly buggers for a different sort of strike. Streamers also seem to pull out the few large browns lingering around.