Flowing at 22cfs this amazing creek can be a little harder to fish at these flows. The late summer weeds are in full bloom making for some challenging fishing. The weed lanes are tighter and darker right now, making accurate casts to these areas is the first step for success here. The caddis hatch is still sporadic throughout the day making the fish look up for the most part. The strongest part of the hatch seems to be in full swing at around 3:00-4:00 pm. Use a size #20-#22 turkey quill caddis, partridge caddis, or a grey EHC in these sizes. The caddis emergers and small mayfly imitations will get you fish if no surface activity is present. While you are on Hot Creek you will hear loud eruptions on the water as a hopper hits the water then enters a trouts belly. Cast your hoppers with precision and accuracy. These are more or less one chance fish making the first cast the most crucial. Put it in there right on the first try while leaving the fish no time to question what they might have seen on previous casts. Giving you the angler more opportunities to make for a great fishing day.