Flows seem to have not dropped to any more noticable level then they were a couple of weeks ago allowing the Upper Owens to continue fishing great. Water clarity remains very clear confining the fly angler to the stealth approach methods ensuring the fish are in the spot to be casted to. Winds appear to have been subdued more in the last couple of days. Winds are an asset to the Hopper fisherman though as it aids in dumping many hoppers on the move into the waters of the Upper O. The morning caddis hatch continues to come off getting some mixed attention from the resident trout. Strikes are sporadic, yet anglers can hook into fish on dries if desired. All day long these opportunistic fish are still taking larger red midge patters, #20 PT’s, WD-40’s and various other darker and small mayfly imitations. Streamers are producing fish as usual, giving you the shot at filtering out the larger fish the Upper O hosts. The Upper Owens is still the hot place to go to learn a bit more about fly fishing technique or to just catch a lot of trout!