A nice Brown Trout held by a girls hands out of the water

Hot Creek Fly Fishing

Hot Creek Brown Caught on Small Nymph #22

The unique flowing system of Hot Creek seems to be starting to possibly show us a slow comeback. Hatches come out of Baetis, Midges, and Caddis here and there throughout the day . Still weedy with lots of channels to choose from this is a accuracy game.  Fish small patterns here that imitate the above mentioned flies. The T-Midge, Cased Baetis and Small Caddis Emergers is sized #18-22 are your best bet on Hot Creek.  Small Thorax Baetis in #18-22, Dry Midges patterns in #20-24 , and small Hot Creek Caddis in the same sizes are all good patterns to have during a Hot Creek visit.