Fly anglers on the Lower Owens River are experiencing some great dry fly action this last week! Around noon a strong hatch of BWO’s come off and trout respond savagely in most areas. Upon arriving to the river in the morning one can observe a  midge feed  happening in various slow moving foam lined holes up and down the river. These are a great challenge to trick with a very small Dry Midge pattern in #20-24 on 6 or 7x .  Nymphing always brings success and can be done at any time of the day.  Various Mayfly, Midge, and Caddis patterns are being eaten. The Beatis emerger patterns sunk down seem to bring the most success. These patterns include; Split Case Baetis, Bubbleback Emergers, RS2’s, Cased Baetis, and Robo PT’s ect.  Fish these is #16-20. We are looking forward to more dry fly action as weather evens out and other species of insects start hatching .




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