Hot Creek is running high but not too dirty at this point. Mammoth creek is feeding in the water at its upper parts and Hot Creek is flowing at 80 cfs as I write this report. Hatches seem to still roll off on this amazing fishery that can challenge the most educated fisherman.. Midges come off in the morning and seem to be around most of the day.. Later on BWO’s make an appearance with a few PMD’s mixed in. Caddis also put themselves the chow line and make a small appearance in the afternoon. Once again for flies use WD-40’s, Zebra or Tiger midges in sizes 18-20.. Tie on Pheasant Tails, Hares Ears, z-wing caddis in sizes #16-20..Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns that represent what I have mentioned above. For dries; partridge caddis, griffiths gnats, comparaduns, different CDC patterns, and adams patters will bring fish up. All in similar sizes to the nynmphs. I will sometinmes start with the slightly larger flies and then go down in size to determine the optimal setup. Adjust the indicator based on the creek characteristics for the pools and weed lanes.. Have fun!

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