Flows at Hot Creek are around 40-45cfs with the Spring and Mammoth Creek combined. The caddis have not been around as much with the colder weather moving in on us the last couple of weeks. The fish will still come up to take a well placed Elk Hair Caddis though! Midges and Baetis are now making more of an appearance than the Amiocentrus caddis we saw most of the Summer.. Nymphing #18-22 PT’s, AP’s, Furmiskys Poxy Midges, Small Tiger and Zebras and properly places WD-40 will still get you into fish under the water all in #18-22’s.. The weeds are still hanging on but are dying off and collecting on any rock they can. These collected weeds are FULL of #12 green scuds which can be fished above a smaller fly I have mentioned above for some decent success. I look for this to get better as the crowds diminish and weeds go away!